Dusk Rainbow

Finally ponied up for the Canon 7D recently and today I decided to try two things:

1) understand the camera better

2) decide if I will be bringing the 10-20mm with me on a backpacking trip to Asia (later this week!)

I think  I understand the camera a little bit better now. For one, I was disappointed by the noise performance at ISO 100 in the shadows. I sincerely thought this was going to be THE camera. But to be 100% honest, this is my only complaint with the entire rig so far. The 8 fps shooting is unfrickingbelievable, for example.

As for the wide angle lens, I don’t think I will have the luxury to bring it with me for the 8 extra mm I would gain on the wider side. I am used to walk and travel with the 18-200mm so I guess I won’t add weight (and value!) in my backpack.

But the nice surprise came before the sun actually set. This happened:

Dusk Rainbow


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